Hand wash, vacuum interior, clean white walls and glass

$29.00 (approximately 30 minutes)

Exterior Wash & Wax

Hand wash exterior completely and remove all bugs and tar.  Hand wax car complete.  Clean glass, wheels & tires

$99.00 (minimum 4 hours)

Exterior Wash, Wax & Rub

Includes complete exterior wash and wax plus an overall exterior rub to remove fine scratches and brighten hazy paint

$189.00 (minimum 6 hours)

Interior Clean & Shampoo

Vacuum interior and trunk, steam clean carpets and upholstery, clean door Panels, dash and gauges and dress all vinyl

$99.00 (one full day)

Doll-up Special

The combination of our “Exterior Wash & Wax” and “Interior Clean & Shampoo” as above.  Your car will look and smell clean inside and out!

$189.00 (one full day)

Doll-up Special with Rub

The combination of our “Exterior Wash, Wax & Rub” and “Interior Clean & Shampoo” as above.  The ideal treatment to restore your vehicle’s  new appearance!

$279.00 (one full day)

Leather Treatment (Clean and treat interior with Lexol).

$60.00 without detailing

$30.00 with any of the above detailing.

Note: Additional charges for heavily soiled areas or large vehicles may apply.


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