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Will your car pass it's next New York State Inspection?

Today New York State motor vehicle inspections in upstate NY consist of the standard safety inspection plus an emissions inspection which includes a visual inspection of the air pollution control devices and a gas cap check. The emissions inspection portion requires your car to be connected to a shop computer that inspection stations are required to purchase. This will scan your vehicle's computer system and send the information to Albany. Currently if your MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) on your '96 or newer vehicle is on, your vehicle will fail the inspection. The new law will require that if any emissions failure codes are present, whether or not the light is on, your vehicle will fail the inspection.

A word about MIL's. This is also known as a "check engine" or "service engine soon" lamp. It is usually yellow in color and always appears when starting your car. If it is lit while you are driving or intermittently goes on then off while driving, there is a problem. It may not be serious and the car may still be driveable, but you should have it diagnosed and repaired BEFORE you go in for your inspection. If you have modified your exhaust, or even your headlamps or tail lamps, you will likely need to reverse those modifications to pass inspection.

Mac's II has the equipment, education and experience to correctly diagnose your vehicle's computer system and correct MIL failures. We've invested the time and money to become one of the areas leaders in "driveability" diagnosis. If you see your check engine light come on, think of Mac's II. We'll diagnose and repair the problem now, so your next NYS inspection goes smoothly.

Are Customers Allowed in the Shop?

The truth about shop insurance regulations:

All shops are required to have insurance for customers in the shop area. Any shop that posts a sign that says: "Due to insurance regulations, no customer is allowed in the shop area," is not being truthful with you!

Mac’s II is happy to allow our customers in the shop area. After all, it’s YOUR car we’re working on. We do request that you ask a manager to take you to your car and we will be happy to introduce you to your technician.

You are welcome to discuss any concerns with your technician. Please keep in mind: When in the shop area, be sure to keep clear of moving vehicles and be careful of wet floor surfaces.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about what makes us a shop you can trust, visit us at 3301 Brighton Henrietta Townline Road in Rochester, or give us a call at 585-272-7700.

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