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Mac’s II Winter car care tips

Tip #1

For the best traction in the winter be sure your tires are inflated properly. Since air contracts when the temperature drops, so does the air in your tires. This drop in pressure should be adjusted at the change of seasons; winter and summer when tires are cold.

The best practice for starting from a dead stop is to apply very little power. Try not to spin your tires at all. Racing the engine causing the tires to spin gets you nowhere. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, try starting in second gear instead of first so that your tires won’t spin.

Tip #2

Clear all snow and ice from your windows and windshield wiper blades. Using your wipers to clear the snow can be very expensive. It is very easy for your wiper blades to freeze to the windshield. If you do not clean them by hand before driving and then turn them on, it can strip the splines on the wiper arm or burn the wiper motor. We repair a lot of wipers every time it snows and the temperature drops. Take the time to get your car ready before driving.

Tip #3

Always keep at least a quarter tank of gas in your car during the winter. In fact you should fill your tank at every fill-up and do so when your gauge reads below one-half. The cold temperatures cause condensation to form on the top your gas tank when there is a lot of air in the tank. This condensation causes water droplets to fall into your gas, sink to the bottom of your tank and never evaporate. This can lead to diluted fuel and fuel line freezing.

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