With summer coming to an end and winter inching ever closer, this is the time to make sure that your car or truck is ready for anything Mother Nature decides to send our way.  No one needs any reminder of how difficult driving on slick, icy roads can be, but that’s not the only thing to consider when it comes to winter driving.  Snow and freezing temperatures affect our vehicles in ways we rarely consider, and knowing how to prepare can mean the difference between a safe, stress-free winter commute, and one that’s costly and downright dangerous.

At Mac’s II Auto Repair in Rochester, our foremost goal is to keep you and your loved ones safe, while keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition.  Here are just a few of the most important (and commonly overlooked) vehicle essentials to ensure safe winter driving, all of which are included with Mac’s winter safety inspection.   

  • Tire condition, including tread wear, slow leaks, balance and valves
  • Battery life and connections, starter function and electrical system inspection
  • Thorough inspection of your vehicle’s heater, defroster and rear defroster
  • Inspect your radiator for any leaks, worn belts or low anti-freeze levels
  • Brakes, pads and rotor inspection, as stopping on ice is more demanding
  • Suspension integrity, including an examination of shocks, struts and springs

Your vehicle may be running great right now, but those first few freezes and snowstorms can result in changes that affect everything from handling and steering, to braking, starting and keeping you warm.  If you’re in the Rochester NY area and have no plans to change your winter driving habits, we invite you to learn the many benefits of having your vehicle inspected by the auto repair professionals at Mac’s II.  

Mac’s II auto repair shop in Rochester NY, and has been proudly serving the community for over 80 years.  Give us a call at 585-272-7700 to learn more or schedule an inspection.