If you’re wondering, ‘how do I find the best auto repair shop in Rochester NY?’, you may have just set yourself up for a long list of recommendations. While there are many mechanics that say they’re the best in town, only some can actually be deemed as worthy mechanics. Cut through the web of recommendations with these helpful hints on finding the best local mechanic.

All-Service Mechanic

It’s important to find a mechanic who specializes in a range of automotive services. Collision, vehicle maintenance, and auto repairs should be on the service menu. 1.3 million vehicle accidents occur each year. Big and small accidents happen often. Even if the vehicle can be salvaged, it may not be the same again. Finding a reputable mechanic near you that specializes in all aspects of collision will ensure that you're not driving a faulty vehicle, both now and in the future. You will feel secure that your vehicle is in the hands of a mechanic that can perform a thorough vehicle inspection

Solid History 

A good, solid reputation and trusted local presence goes without saying. You will find that reputable mechanics stand behind their services and clientele. Their years of experience will reflect dedication, hard work, and success. They will have a good online and offline presence. They are thorough and will make an effort to solve the problem before your car leaves the service center. They’re honest and upfront about cost and services, too. While they’ll most likely want to help as best and honestly as they can, the cost shouldn’t change for any reason.

Interview Them

Don’t just take them at their word on the phone; stop by their maintenance shop to speak to them about their services and what they offer. Most likely you will get a real glimpse at how they do business and if it’s the right shop for you. A reputable auto mechanic in Rochester, NY will be more than happy to show you around, answer any questions, and introduce you to their staff. 


Two major factors in finding a reputable auto mechanic near you is their years of training and qualifications. They won’t hesitate to show their years of experience through certifications. Or perhaps their prized ‘wall of recognition’. And they certainly won’t just hire anyone. They will assure you that their staff is equally as qualified. 

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