While the first warm waves of Spring are a welcome sign to anyone who loathes the cold, they should also serve as a reminder that it’s time to make sure that our cars, trucks, and SUVs are equally ready for the change in season. Vehicles take an intense pounding during the winter stretch, and drastic changes in temperature result in the expansion and contraction of many vital engine and structural components. For this and numerous other reasons, it is strongly advised that all drivers have a thorough vehicle safety inspection prior to the arrival of summer.

At Mac's Auto Service II in Rochester, NY, we’ve been dedicated to helping drivers in the Rochester and Monroe Country area stay safe on the roads for nearly 90 years. Regardless of your destination, driving habits, or the number of miles you log, our staff of expert mechanics is here to make sure that you’re safe and ready for every road ahead.

  • Brake inspections, brake pad replacement, rotors, calipers, and brake lines
  • Thorough inspection of electronic systems, starters, alternators, and ignition
  • Complete inspection of all automotive fluids, top-off, flush, or replacement
  • All suspension components fully inspected, springs, arms, ball joints, etc.
  • Inspection and testing of vehicle exhaust system, muffler, and catalytic converters
  • Tread wear inspection for tires, alignment assessment, and balance

Today’s vehicles are more complex than ever, and it takes the experience and insight of a seasoned professional to keep them running in tip-top condition. Whether you recently purchased a vehicle and need to have it safety-inspected, or simply looking to make sure that your daily driver is ready for another season on the highway of life, you can have complete confidence in our commitment to honesty, value, and exceptional automotive service.

Mac’s II is located at 3301 Brighton Henrietta Townline Road in Rochester, and can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 585-272-7700. Or write to us with your questions anytime through our website’s secured contact page.