Winter weather can spell trouble for your vehicles. Heavy snowfall, cracking ice, and hard-hitting hail can cause serious damage to windshields, paint jobs, tire quality, and more. To survive the Rochester winter, it’s important to know what risks winter can pose to your car.

Winter Automobile Checks Rochester NY

Car Fluid Thickening

Winter weather can make the fluids in your car less efficient. Windshield wiper fluid, oil, brake fluid, and other car fluids can become thicker and freeze. Oil can become sludgy and you may require one with lower viscosity. While gasoline should not freeze, frozen condensation can build up in your tank and block the gas from reaching necessary parts of your car.

Dead Batteries

One of the most common cold weather problems is a dead car battery. Usually, batteries can handle the cold but in extreme weather, the cold can pull voltage from the battery. As a result, it is more difficult to start your car. Make sure to check your battery’s health before the winter and keep your car in the garage.

Tire Compression

The cold causes the air to compress, including the air in your tires. Without adequate pressure, your tires are not at all effective. This can pose serious safety issues, such as difficulty braking and overall vehicle stability. Make sure to check your tires throughout the winter season to avoid any accidents.

Road Salt Damage

When cold weather comes to Rochester, road salt is spread on roads to help cars retain traction. However, repeated salt exposure can cause serious damage to your vehicle. It can lead to rust, corrosion, and other harms. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help wash away road salt before irreparable damage.

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